Robotika Srl is a young company headquartered in Formia, Italy, operating mainly in robot programming, offline design programming activities, and robotic area.
Our teams consists of technicians and engineers with hands-on experience in many leading automotive manufacturing settings.
It is a young company, with ancient roots, in robotics, providing innovative solutions for automotive industry.


Passion for work is the engine that drives our spirit.

Passion, teamwork and innovation are vitally important to robotika. We work for the love of it.
We work with ingenuity, passion and confidence in the future.


RBK combines, with a team of experts, a unique set of skills: continuos learning, goal-oriented and automation production expertise.

With broad industry knowledge and cutting-edge technologies in robotic area and programming, RBK supports the convergence towards automation and IT worlds.

It helps customers to accelerate their journey towards intelligent industry.


We are constantly looking for innovative opportunities to test themselves and to increase our competence.

We continually raise the level on actions and outcomes that meet the high expectations of our customers.

Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer.

Rbk provide a turnkey solution, from offline programming to commissioning.